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LSBM Initiative

LSBM Enterprise Initiative

LSBM Initiative
Published: 2018-03-27 10:46:44
LSBM is proud of the on-going work that we do to develop our students and give them real-world business experience.
As part of that commitment, this week saw the launch of the LSBM Enterprise Project Initiative. This has been established to help develop our own students who have a flair for commerce and marketing. The project is headed by Cal Courtney, Director of SEWS and Matt Jansen, Head of Student Recruitment and Marketing; who will work closely to help students who participate in the project to develop and implement business plan to reach out and spread the word about the courses available at LSBM.
The focus of the project is to help expand our student recommendation schemes, as so many of our students have a positive experience whilst studying at the London School of Business and Management.
There was an initial 'Information Afternoon' event at SEWS on Wednesday 21 March, which was hosted by Matt Jansen, and which explained to a packed room of students the aims of the project, how they could benefit, and the next steps to get involved.
We would like to thank all of the students who came along for participating so enthusiastically (You can see Matt (second from left) pictured above with two of the many students who attended, Abigail Dokun (left) and Mahmoud Ali (second from right), alongside Sarah Bailey, Deputy Director of Student Engagement, Wellbeing and Success (SEWS) (right).
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