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WLCBMS Admissions January 2018

WLCBMS recruiting students for the January 2018 intake.

WLCBMS Admissions January 2018
Публикувано: 2018-01-10 00:39:19
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West London College of Business & Management Sciences is committed to developing high quality educational courses to meet the challenges of an increasingly diverse student base and demanding work place. Situated in the heart of West London, the college is a vibrant centre for learning, which caters for all the needs of home and overseas students.

WLCBMS courses cater for students in the area of Business Management, Computing, Health and Social Care, Law and English Language. We provide high quality globally recognized educational programmes in a modern dynamic environment by a highly qualified and experienced team of professionals. Based on knowledge and experience, courses are presented using a variety of teaching methods and strategies to facilitate students in achieving their full potential and skills they require for their career and personal development.

WLCBMS offers tuition to prepare students for various undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, to enable them to get admission in UK Universities with advanced standing. The College has close relations with UK universities where our students can join for top-up programmes at graduate or postgraduate levels. Our courses are accredited by leading educational examining bodies including Pearson (Edexcel), Ascentis, CILEX and OCN which is a further benchmark of quality for the premises, courses and tutors.

West London College of Business & Management Sciences aims to provide quality education, to maximise the potential of our learners and promote individual achievement at the highest level.
Бихме искали да насочим Вашето внимание към университети, колежи и образователни институции, които предлагат високо качество на обучение и възможности за по-успешна реализация.
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