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Cost of rent?

The cost of renting and student accommodating

Cost of rent?
The cost of rent will depend on where you are in London and whether you will live alone or share your home with someone. Here are the average rental rates according to the location of the accommodation:

East London - about 650-750 pounds per month if you live alone in a one-room apartment and between 290 and 390 pounds a month if you share the apartment with a roommate.

West London - between 700 and 800 pounds per month for private accommodation and about 280-430 pounds for shared.

North London - the situation here is similar to accommodation in the eastern part of the city. You will have to pay between 650 and 750 pounds for a single home and 300 to 400 pounds for sharing.

South London - the rooms in this part of the city are a bit cheaper than the rest. For private accommodation, you will give about 600-700 pounds a month, and for a share of 280 to 500 pounds per month.

Keep in mind that when you find accommodation, you will probably want a deposit and a prepay rent, which will be your biggest expense at the beginning - it can reach 1000 pounds or more, depending on the rental of the dwelling.

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